The Importance Of Choosing The Best Wedding Venue

Everyone dreams of one day being married to their loved one in the best and most beautiful wedding ceremony one may ever see and therefore the bride and groom and whole team planning the ceremony has responsibility in making sure the wedding is arranged to perfection. We can often tend to see extravagant wedding ceremonies and receptions being held in glamorous ways in a beautiful location which make us hope to one day hold a wedding of our own in the same grand way. Since the world in which you live in today is developed highly in each and every field the tendency to find beautiful locations for conducting a wedding ceremony has become more easier than it had been before. Therefore if you are an anticipated bride or groom to be you can easily find the most ideal wedding location for you easily with plenty of time left to prepare the venue for the special day. If you are unaware of the importance of choosing the perfect venue for your wedding here are a few reasons as to why it is so.

The venue is the up most foundation

When it comes to planning a wedding the need to find and decide on the best and most suitable wedding location is at the top of to do list. If you do not invest your time and effort on looking for the best venue for your wedding ceremony then you will not be able to enjoy a beautiful wedding. You can find affordable wedding accommodation perfectly in time for your wedding and it is highly important that the venue should be decided first before any other detail since everything regarding the ceremony is to be planned upon the location of the wedding.

Location provides elegance and beauty

A reason as to why many responsible people prefer to focus more about the venue for their weddings is due to the fact that the location is where the beauty of the ceremony will be showcased. It is very important that you choose the location wisely considering its attractions and beauty since it plays a major role in creating the most beautiful ambience and mood for the wedding ceremony. Such intimate wedding venues should suit towards your liking and choice since the venue will be a detail that attracts everyone’s attention at the day of the wedding.

It creates more memories

There are certain wedding locations which have certain resources which you or any loved one may find special and close to one’s heart therefore it creates more special and unique memories about your wedding.

How To Plan A Budget Friendly Wedding

One of the things that concerns most couples who have plans of tying the knot is their budget. Most of them have no idea on how much it would cost them to plan the wedding and make it happen.

Let us be realistic and face the fact that not everyone can afford a lavish wedding ceremony.  Some couples would resort to taking out a huge loan amount just to finance the wedding of their dreams. If you can afford to pay for it that’s fine, but as much as possible let us try to steer away from unnecessary debts and just focus on planning a wedding that we can afford.

 The first thing that the couple should do is sit together and talk about their overall budget for their wedding day. Make a list of the things that can be borrowed from family members or close friends and also make separate list for the things that needs to be purchased or ordered at wedding cakes Wellington, wedding rings, souvenirs and food for the guests.  By doing this, you would be able to make a rough estimate on how much will you be spending in total.

 If you really want to be practical and save more money, there are wedding gowns and suits for rent or you can buy at shops that sells second hand items that are in mint condition. This can help you save a couple of thousands of dollars instead of buying a brand new gown that you will only use for one day.

 It’s better to allocate a reasonable amount of your budget to your wedding ceremony and after party.  Focus on serving the guests good food by making an inquiry to best catering and check out if they can provide and serve food on your wedding reception.

 Another major concern is the venue.  If you want to have a traditional church wedding you would have to pay separately for the church and and the reception venue.  But if you want to cut costs and save at least 50% you can either have the event in just one venue. Another option is for you and your spouse to have a backyard wedding rent an indoor tent, organize the event by adding tables, chairs and decorations and everything is all set.

 What is important is that your guests would enjoy both the ceremony and the reception party. What’s nice about having a practical wedding is that you don’t have to think about putting a certain limit to your guest list because of budget constraints.

Your Guide to Buying Pearl Jewellery

There is nothing quite as magical as the pearl. It boasts a dreamy and luxurious attribute which is not found within any other type of jewellery. But, how can you tell whether your pearls are of a high quality or not? When it comes to diamonds there is an official grading system in place which makes it a lot easier. However, there is no equivalent for pearls, this is why it is difficult to determine a pearl’s level of quality. Nonetheless, it is certainly not impossible and this article is here to provide you with a helping hand.

What should you consider when assessing a pearl’s quality?

The five main qualities you should assess are as follows; shape, lustre, surface, size and colour. Let’s look at these in more detail…

Shape – This is divided into three different categories; spherical, symmetrical and baroque. This is in the order of most desirable and most expensive to least desirable and least expensive. The reason why the spherical pearl is highly sought after is because it is perfectly rounded.

Lustre – Seek pearls with a good nacre thickness in order to benefit from an intense lustre. Pearls with a poor quality or thin nacre often look dull.

Surface – The smoother the pearl is the better. You should also make sure it is as blemish free as possible.

Size – Large pearls are more expensive and rarer. They tend to be over 16 mm in size. Medium pearls are categorised as between 13 mm to 15 mm whilst small pearls are 8 mm.

Colour – This is separated into two categories; the body colour and the orient. The body colour is the primary colour of the pearl i.e. light or dark. The orient can be rainbow or iridescent. If you are looking for light pearls you should seek either pink, white rose or pink rose. If you are seeking dark pearls go for black with a metallic green overtone.

What types of pearls are available?

Another important decision you need to make when purchasing pearls is what type you are going to go for. The main types of pearls are follows; Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and Freshwater pearls. You also have Abalone pearls, Circle pearls, Keshii pearls and Mabe pearls as well. Akoya pearls are round, ladylike, white and lustrous with a rose glow. This is why Akoya pearls are considered classic pearls. Freshwater pearls are affordable yet still boast a high level of quality. This is why Freshwater pearls make excellent gifts.

images (1)How do you look after pearl jewellery?

Once you have purchased your pearls you need to know how to look after them properly if they are going to look stunning for many months and years to come. Make sure your pearls do not get expose to acids, such as perfume or hair spray, and gently wipe them with a soft cloth once you have removed them for the day. If you are going to clean your pearls avoid any harsh chemicals. Baby shampoo or another type of soft soap is more than enough.

Where can you buy high quality pearl Hong Kong jewellery?

The last thing you need to know is where you can buy pearl jewellery. Hayward is definitely the recommended solution for anyone who is planning to buy engagement rings in Hong Kong. The company sell high quality pearls and offer a bespoke service as well. Their 40 years’ experience in design and personalisation makes them the best jeweller for the job.